Digital Forensics

Forensic Discovery

  • Networks and Computer Hard Drives (internal/external) 
  • Handheld devices including Phones and GPS Devices
  • Activities on Storage Devices (e.g. USB) 
  • Digital Cameras
  • Encrypted Devices and Files
  • Documents and Photos

Investigative Analysis

  • Social Media Accounts 
  • Contacts, Notes, Images, Calendars, SMS, MMS 
  • File System Corruption 
  • Program Recovery and Access 
  • Web Browser History and Artifacts 
  • Calendar Information 
  • Email (POP3, Cloud-based, etc.) 
  • Deleted Files 
  • Database Information 
  • Comprehensive Forensics Laboratory with secure locked access 
  • Commercially Available Digital Forensics  
  • Hardware and Software Tools

eDiscovery Services

Identification & Preservation – Identifying relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for your case and helping you understand what ESI is to be classified for preservation.

Collection – Using Industry standard tools for the collection and analysis of key data while preserving the original content and metadata of ESI. 

Processing – Preparation of collected ESI for attorney review to determine relevance for your case.